A Lucid Dreamer’s intro


Hi there, internet person!

I gave this brief talk last year at our company’s meetup in Whistler, British Columbia. While it is short, I think it gives a good introduction into lucid dreaming for those looking to experiment a little (though please excuse the excessive use of commas 🙂 ). I hope you enjoy, and maybe even begin your own journey into your dream world. Feel free to post any questions or comments.

Lucid dreaming is conscious awareness during the dream state. In other words it’s any dream when the dreamer is aware that they’re dreaming.

I was fortunate enough to experience my first lucid dream at a very young age. I remember pretty vividly in this dream, I was a kid and was up a few blocks from home, near a friend’s house. As I came over a familiar hill, all of a sudden, a massive war broke out. There were tanks, people in camouflage, fighting, dirt, and blood.

That was right about when I realized that something wasn’t right. This wasn’t supposed to be happening and this wasn’t a real war. It was then that I decided to turn into a giant. I grew over the trees and above the roof tops, I stomped on everyone, and that was that. The war was over.

Now I don’t know if that speaks to my distaste for war, or what really. But ever since that night I’ve had an interest in dreams, and the ability to control them.

So, why would you want to lucid dream?

Well, for fun, to overcome fears, to solve a problem, to design a beautiful algorithm. The sky’s the limit.

If any of that interests you, I’ll share a few techniques for helping you to become lucid in your dreams.

I think one of the best ways to start to bring lucid dreaming into your life is by simply paying more attention to your dreams. Make it something that’s part of your daily focus. And a great way to do that is by starting a dream journal. Something as simple as that should help you to better remember your dreams and to start to bring your dream life into your waking life.

Now that your dreams are a little more of a focus you can start to do some specific things in your waking life that will, hopefully, increase your chances of having a lucid dream.

One thing is to just start questioning your everyday experiences, to check yourself… “am I dreaming?” Then take a moment and really try to seriously answer the question. Look around. How do you really know that you’re not dreaming right now?

When asking yourself the question “am I dreaming?” it helps to have some tell tale signs that you’re in a dream. These are your triggers. Noticeable things that will, hopefully, alert you that you might actually be dreaming.

The idea behind questioning your reality, even when you think you know that you’re totally, definitely, not dreaming, is that after a while it becomes a habit. And sooner or later, you’ll ask yourself that question “am I dreaming?” and you’ll have that exhilarating moment when you realize – “Oh sh*t! I’m dreaming!”

So, what kind of things can you start to look for. Well, the dream world is a little less stable than our waking world. So paying attention to these fluctuations is key. For example, text. If you were to look at the page of a book, or a street sign, in a dream. Then look away and look back at it, is it the same? Are you sure? If it’s not then you might be dreaming. Digital clocks are another hard one. The display doesn’t usually stay very static in a dream, it gets a bit warbly.

If you can start paying attention to these things during your waking hours and honestly ask yourself “am I dreaming?”, then sooner or later the answer will be yes.

Thank you

image credit: dailynewsdig.com

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